About Us

Maximira designs and manufactures all pieces by hand in their state of the art New York workshop. Each piece is meticulously labored over from start to finish by highly skilled artisans.  We go out of our way to only use the highest quality materials and pride ourselves on sourcing our raw materials from all over the world to guarantee our clients the best possible value for their investment. Maximira has created pieces for individual clients, celebrities, luxury retail stores and auction houses. 

Maximira was founded in 1994, when master jeweler Maxim brought his know how and expertise to his own company. To this day Maxim carefully selects and trains each one of the artisans for the workshop, combining old world crafting techniques with modern technology and know how. For over 20 years, Maximira has been the go to jeweler for industry insiders, diamond dealers, and retailers. Recently, the workshop has opened its doors to the general public on a by appointment only basis, allowing private clients to consult, design and manufacture their custom piece of jewelry directly from the workshop. Whether it be a custom made engagement ring, a remake of an older piece of jewelry, a bespoke design or the restoration of an heirloom piece, there is no project that Maximira will not undertake.